Declare It Day

Fellow Flowers is one of my favorite running groups. It is an entirely virtual group but there are other members of Fellow Flowers at virtually every race I run. How do I know? It’s all about the flowers, literally. The core of the Fellow Flowers connection is the flowers like the black one I am wearing in the picture above.

Each flower’s color has specific meaning/ intention. For example:

My flower for 2020

So as part of Declare it Day, I generally set both my intention and my flower for the year. 2019 was the year of purple – No Excuses…. though I will confess I ultimately made a lot of excuses and had a pretty big lull in my fitness activities.

The last few years I’ve felt like my life was all about the things I had to do. At work. At home. My running and health became another one of those obligations. And with that, it became something I dreaded. I made excuses. I procrastinated. And I felt like crap.

So this year my flower is yellow -joy. I’m working to re-frame my thinking from “I have to” to “I get to.” And I’m creating the time and space to celebrate the joy in my life – to celebrate my accomplishments and the people I love. This is far from a one and done change of perspective. It will require lots of hard work. But I am #BraveEnough to make it happen.

#zooma #fellowflowers

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